Ameriie’s YouTube Channel and New Book Alert : The Vegetarian

Two short reads for Friday (one fiction, one non-fic), plus the novels I’ll be reading next. What are you reading this weekend? ^_~ Ameriie

So apparently Ameriie has a youtube page that looks incredible. I, obviously don’t need any of the chick shxt since I don’t use any of that product and am currently not boo’d up, but all of the other stuff I am down for.

Ameriie is one of those artists that I have always checked for (not enough since I didn’t know she had a YT page) and I’m happy I fount this youtube. Literally, the very first video I clicked on she is talking about a book called The Vegetarian.

I’m subscribing to this channel and I’m buying this book.

If you are going to do the same, and I suggest you do, you should also go ahead and head over to iTunes and cop DRIVE, Ameriie’s new EP. It’s good. Really good.

Random side note, I need to find myself an Ameriie out’chea pretty soon.

The Vegetarian is a South Korean three-part novella written by Han Kang and first published in 2007. Set in modern-day Seoul, it tells the story of Yeong-hye, a home-maker who has a dream which causes her to become a vegetarian.