Alicia WITT is a Beautiful Vegan

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Alicia Witt, film, stage and television actress is a beautiful vegan. She first came to fame as a child actress after being discovered by David Lynch, who cast her in his film Dune (1984); She first came on my radar when she was on Friday Night Lights. Then she was all in my grill on the latest season of Justified. She’s got a great IMDB but what is little known is that she is a musical prodigy and accomplished pianist, who was working in music as a teenager. In 2009, she released her self-titled debut EP.

And, she’s a redhead. #love

I happened to be listening to her interview with Adam Carolla the other day, started looking around for some of her music and happened to come up on the fact that she was an avid vegan. So, here she is on IME. Beautiful woman. Beautiful talent. Beautiful vegan. Make sure you follow her on the social networks and check out some of her work.

Alicia Witt on IG : on Twitter (@aliciawitty) :

Vegan actor and musician Alicia Witt hangs out with her two rescued dogs and gives an exclusive on-camera interview to PETA. She shares why it’s so important always to adopt from animal shelters if you’re thinking about bringing an animal into your home and reveals how her dogs influenced her decision to go vegan. –

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Apparently, she is addicted to Whole Foods Vegan Curry Chicken (which is the bomb btw), check out an interview she did in NY Mag a couple of years back:

Q: How often do you prepare your own meals?

Pretty often. It depends on what I’m doing. If I’m by myself, then most of the time I do. Sometimes I go to Whole Foods and get some of the ingredients. I’m addicted to Whole Foods vegan chicken curry. It’s in the deli section. So I don’t prepare that part from scratch, but often if I’m alone my dinner will be just some of that with some raw broccoli or hummus or baba ghanoush or just lightly steamed broccoli with garlic, olive oil, and salt and pepper.

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