After this HYPEBEAST Video I now need to find MATCHA green tea in Los Angeles

HYPEBEAST just hipped me to something that I should have been hip to already.

I love tea. I love green tea. I love cool shit from Japan that not everyone is hip to.

This matcha stuff is looking like something I should have known about.

This week, we give coffee a break to shed some light on a more healthier alternative that many New Yorkers are switching to – Matcha. Known to boost metabolism, Matcha is made from 100% of the leaf, amounting to a more concentrated dose of health-benefiting properties, and making it rich in antioxidants. – HYPEBEAST

The company that they are talking to, New York’s PANATEA, looks like they are ahead of the curve on this one and I think I’m going to have to go ahead and throw down for this matcha box that they are offering up on their website.

2.0 pre-sale ending 🔜 (2⃣ days left!!) 🍵🍵🍵

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** UPDATE **

It’s looking like we have a matcha situation happening here in Los Angeles as well. We’ve got a local spot called Matcha Box, that bills itself as LA’s First Matcha-teriaM and its not too far from the penthouse.

Matcha Box LA is happening soon, very soon. #matchala #matchastyle #matchalatte

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This right here is looking like my kind of afternoon..