A Spin Bike at the crib … It’s now or never. Challenge Accepted.


So, a few months ago, I bought a SPINNING bike for the crib to get my early morning workouts in and I was going solid for a good two weeks and seeing some progress and then inexplicably the bike started acting funny. I thought it was because I was a fatass and too big for it really putting in great workouts and it couldnt handle my strength and intensity, but its an industrial sized machine and should be able to take the workload easy.

I was on the phone with the guys that I bought it from pretty much for the last hour getting the machine sorted, so now it is up and running like new.


This is a repost from a workout a couple of minutes ago, which is funny because its literally exactly like a picture I threw up on instagram a couple of days after I bought it and tried it out for the first time.

morning workout

Now that I have the eating thing down and taking care of that, there is nothing left but the workouts and finding time. That I can do. I’m thinking about an early morning session and then another after I get out of work.

The plan is to hit it hard until the end of this month to get my cardio sorted out and then scale back the cardio to just the mornings and then throw around some iron in the evening. By January 1, 2014, I should be a fucking monster! We shall see how it goes……

I put it in the bedroom for a couple of reasons: One, so that I can’t walk by the workout and just not do it. Two, as soon as I wake up in the morning I hit it. Three, its in the room so its a headache and not something to hang shit on but get it in.