5 Raw Food Smoothie Recipes from FREELEE THE BANANA GIRL

These smoothie recipes helped me get a nice lean flat stomach, try them!

The Banana Girl Diet is the ultimate 30 day raw food lifestyle challenge for women based on principles of the 80/10/10 Diet by Doug Graham and also on what has worked personally for Banana Girl over the years. This is obviously for chicks, but can be followed by others I’m sure. I didn’t even read up on it before I decided to post it, I just wanted to show the video of the recipes and show how big this chicks beverage holders are…

banana girl 2

Like, that jug is as big as her entire upper body! The principles look promising though…

banana girl 1

The basic principles of the BGDiet?

– High carb is queen, no carb-restriction craziness here
– Eat a minimum of 2000 calories from fruit a day for budding banana girls, min 2500 to really thrive.
– A minimum of 80% of calories from carbs, max 10% from fat and protein. 5% is best.
– Drink a minimum of 2.5 litres of water a day
– Sleep a minimum of 8hrs a night or as much as you care for
– Get a minimum of 30mins sunshine per day
– Take up jogging/cycling for maximum fat loss

If you head over to the BANANA GIRL DIET FB page, there is a ton more information and motivational stuff that is good to check out with links to websites and chat forums.

You can also check out her website www.bananagirl.com and an app that she has, 30BAD – RAW VEGAN LIFESTYLE