124 Days Until My Thailand Vacation : This is how my iPhone Rolls

thailand countdown

I was thinking a few months back that its been a really long time, since I treated myself to anything substantial.

And that was bothering me. So, I decided after a couple of beers with some friends to treat myself to a crazy vacation early next year. Someone threw out the idea of Thailand, another friend went late last year, and I was all in as soon as it came up.

So now, its been decided, and its time for me to turn up. I gotta get jacked because if not, its kind of a waste of all that money. Not that you need to be in shape to have fun on vacation, but when you go somewhere like Thailand that has wonderful beaches, there is nothing better than walking around on the beach with a 6 or 8 pack on full display for all of the ladies there on vacay too.

The plan: cut back the drinking LIKE CRAZY. Cut back the red meat. Up the veggies and fruits like a mother fucker. Early morning stationary bike, evening iron workouts. Right now, I’m at over two fiddy. I want to be model ready and around 200 when I’m in the land of Thai. 50 or so lbs in 120+ days is doable, but its on the extreme side. That’s about 13 pounds per month, 3 or so pounds per week. Luckily, I’ve let myself go so I got a lot of excess lbs to drop in the first couple of weeks which should happen fairly easily. It will be that November shit that might be a problem.

I added a countdown to my iPhone so that I know exactly by the day when I’m leaving, which is also a countdown to letting me know how many pounds I need to shed (with a little bit of math in my head) and if I’m on track. I’ve got the plan. Now I need to work it. The ladies of Thailand land of Thai awaits!

I’m keeping it 100. That is all.

The hard part means also, that I wont be going out, and its coming up on prime ‘going out’ season. The holidays are near and all my peeps will be wanting to get together. Seasonal beers. Sunday football and wings. But I gotta see the bigger picture so that I can gets busy in the land of Thai. I’m up for it.

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